Geophysical Survey

By using a complex of geoelectrical methods, magnetometry, thermometry and gravimetry BHF Environmental offers cooperation in solving problems within the following fields:

  • environmental geology and civil engineering (site investigation for new landfills, electrical leak detection tests, geological survey and monitoring of old landfills, detection and delineation of contaminant plumes,...)
  • engineering geology (site and ground investigation for all types of structures, location of old mines and cavities, detection and definition of bedrock, detection of heterogenities/faults in soil and rock formations, survey of landslide areas,...)
  • hydrogeology (location of water wells, geotermal springs, definition of water protection zones, definition of groundwater flow direction, location of leaks from reservoirs, inspection of dikes,...)
  • corrosion survey
  • location of old ammunition
  • archaeological survey (location of shallow buried objects in the ground or in structures such as walls, pavements, cellar floors,...)
  • mineral prospecting
Geofyzikálny prieskum
Geofyzikálny prieskum
Geofyzikálny prieskum
Geofyzikálny prieskum

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